National amber souvenirs - style, patriotism, elegance!

Ukraine is a country with an extremely interesting, multifaceted and rich history. And it is most vividly reflected in ethnic symbols. Songs and fairy tales, legends and beliefs, wars and victories - all this is reproduced in patterns, ornaments, embroideries, icons, and paintings. They retain the warmth of the hands of the master who made the unique product, as well as the thousand-year experience of the nation that created a whole range of symbolic signs and amulets. That is why Ukrainian amber souvenirs are given not only to foreign acquaintances and business partners but also to close friends and relatives - as a way to show care, express warm feelings, and protect a loved one. And you can buy them in our online store, where a wide variety of products are presented - from jewelry to wall panels and paintings! At, our online store offers a wide variety of remarkable amber products, ranging from exquisite jewelry to captivating wall panels and stunning paintings. Explore our collection and discover the embodiment of Ukrainian culture and history through the beauty of amber.

Мозаїка з бурштину

Ukrainian symbolism - history and meaning

Our symbolism, reflected in drawings and ornaments, arose and began to develop a long time ago. The first written mention of embroidery was left by Herodotus - he wrote that the clothes of the Scythians were decorated with patterns made of multi-colored threads. Over the centuries, certain meanings have been formed for each color and sign. For example, long before the arrival of Christianity on the land of Kievan Rus, the cross meant sunlight, a good force that protects people from evil and darkness. The rectangles symbolized the sown field, fertility, well-being and prosperity. Waves and spirals - water, and in a broader sense - life force, which gave energy to everything that existed around. Plant and animal motifs were used in order for the depicted tree or animal to share its qualities with a person - endurance, bravery, longevity, vigilance or wisdom. Such drawings had a deep philosophical meaning, helping to feel one with one's own family, clan, land and Motherland.

Ukrainian culture experienced both favorable times, when the patriotic spirit was on the rise, and times of decline, when everything ethnic was considered provincial and boring. But we managed not only to preserve the national heritage, but also to increase it - and now we are rightfully proud of our history, reflected in the coat of arms, flag, embroidered shirts and the Petrykiv painting.

Ukrainian souvenirs with symbols are a way to show pride for one's country, love for its beautiful nature and people, faith in a happy future, when peace and prosperity will prevail in the state.

The coat of arms and the flag of Ukraine are signs of the immortality and revival of the nation

The trident is an integral symbol of our country. The first known drawing with his image was found in the burials of the Trypil culture (about 6 thousand years BC). In Kievan Rus, it was used as a personal princely sign - a mark that marked important documents and property belonging to the ruler. Today, the Trident is not just a state coat of arms, but also an important part of the self-awareness of every Ukrainian.

This image in an allegorical form conveys to us the importance of three life-giving energies - Love, Knowledge and Wisdom. According to other sources, initially the interweaving of lines meant the interaction of three elements - Earth, Water and Fire. The trinity encoded in this emblem also has a ritual meaning. Remember how often the number "three" is used in various fairy tales and legends. Three brothers, three roads, three tests ... The magical meaning of this number is rebirth to a new life, a change of generations, new energy and transformation. In addition, the stylized word "Will" can be seen on the image of the coat of arms - a sign of the autonomy and independence of the Ukrainian nation.

Картина з бурштину

It is also necessary to mention the Ukrainian flag. The canvas, sewn from two equal parts of blue and yellow colors, symbolizes the cloudless sky above the wheat field. Historically, this combination arose in the pre-Christian period - then similar shades were used to depict fire and water elements. And now the blue-yellow banner is a symbol of the unity of the country, the volunteer movement, patriotism and the revival of interest in everything ethnic.

Therefore, images of the flag and the Trident are often used in the manufacture of various patriotic paraphernalia. For example, cufflinks and tie clips with a coat of arms engraved in silver or inlaid with amber crumb are a great gift for a male defender. Products made of the same materials can be presented to colleagues, employees and business partners - they will demonstrate the patriotic orientation of your organization, and will help support team spirit in the company. And buying souvenirs similar to a panel in the form of a Trident or a decorative plate decorated with an ornament made of gems is a worthy way to present our country when meeting a guest from abroad.

Viburnum, poppy and Petrykiv painting - Ukrainian ornaments

But our country can boast not only the antiquity of state symbols. Equally interesting are the patterns that Ukrainians used to decorate walls, everyday items, clothes and accessories. They reflect the beauty and richness of the surrounding nature, as well as national character traits - emotionality, generosity, hospitality.

Currently, the most famous type of painting is the Petrykiv painting. Individual things decorated in a similar style can be found in monuments of the 18th century, but this art was finally formed in the 19th and 20th centuries. Lush flowers, ripe fruits, fantasy birds and animals are intertwined in intricate ornaments, giving any thing a unique ethnic flavor. Patterns were applied to the walls or on a sheet of paper. In addition, any utilitarian products were decorated with them - caskets, dishes, tables, chairs and chests, doors and windows ... Even icons were decorated with similar paintings!

There was a special symbolic code of Petrykiv painting, which was perfectly mastered by every craftswoman who performed similar work. For example, an oak tree was painted in the house where a son - the heir to the family - recently appeared. This powerful tree was supposed to share with the baby its vital energy, strength, ensure good health and longevity. Viburnum is a symbol of Ukraine's immortality - and the blood shed for its independence. Periwinkle means youth, prosperity, so such images can often be found in a house where a young family lives. Grapes are a symbol of fertility and abundance.

And now you can buy Ukrainian symbols that carry the same coded messages - but only made of much more durable materials than paint and paper! Amber panels, decorative plates and even magnets, decorated with bright national ornaments, will be appreciated by both guests and household members. They will be a talisman that protects your home from any threat, conflicts and quarrels, will add coziness, orderliness and comfort to the interior!

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