Spring 2008 Issue

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Volume: 7, Issue: II

Anthropological Work with Vulnerable Populations: Significance of the International Sex Trade and Industry
By Benjamin James Sacks
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Surrogacy: Human Incubators and a Defense of Contractual and Financial Agreements
By David H. Harari
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Diseases in Developing Countries: The Gaps to Accessing Essential Medicines
By Ashley Allison, John Chiosi, Anisha Gandhi, Erica Popovsky, Swati Shah
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Remittances: The Health and Well-Being of Senders and Receivers
By Corey Kestenberg
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The HIV/AIDS Pandemic & Pogge's Incentives Based Pharmaceutical Distribution
By Shamit S. Desai
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Public Policy and Assisted Reproductive Technologies
By Stephanie Feldstein, Yael Nobel, Rachel Sachs
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