Fall 2010 Issue

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Volume: 10, Issue: I

TuftScope’s 10th Anniversary
By Lauren Elizabeth-Palmer
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Medical-Legal Partnerships: A New Model to Reduce Health Disparities
By Lisa Zingman
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Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign
By Eriene-Heidi Sidhom
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New York City’s Organ Vehicle
By Max Leiserson
PDF ◊ Full Text

The Implications of Synthetic Life
By Parsa Shahbodaghi
PDF ◊ Full Text

The Vaccination Scare
By Lori Fingerhut
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Sickness and Health in Madagascar
By Emily Clark
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A Discussion with Joseph A. Curtatone, Mayor of Somerville, MA
By Max Leiserson
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Should it be Easy to Exit the NHIN?
By Lauren Elizabeth-Palmer, Kathyrn Delaney
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A Challenge to e-Health: The Need for Ethical Guidelines in Developing Countries
By Inayat Ullah Memon
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Anonymity and Secrecy in Gamete Donation: Reconciling Family Values and Individual Rights
By Tuua Ruutiainen
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Developing a Nursing Registration System in the Republic of Georgia
By Constantine P. Saclarides
Abstract ◊ PDF ◊ Full Text

Prioritizing Improved Access to Public Health Resources Over Technology: The Pros and Cons of Teaching an Old Dog Tricks
By Irene Swanenberg
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Recent Developments in Alzheimer’s Disease Research and Treatment
By Eliza Heath
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When Freezing to Death May Save Your Life
By Dave Gennert
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Bad Science
By Brian Wolf
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Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation
By Jessica Seaver
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