Spring 2014 Journal Staff

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Ariel Lefland
Prachi Sharma

Managing Editor

Joseph St. Pierre

Senior Financial Officer

Elizabeth Keys

Faculty Advisers

Harry Bernheim, Ph.D.
Kevin Irwin, PhD
David Gute, M.P.H., Ph.D.
Frances Sze-Ling Chew, Ph.D.

Associate Editors

Manuscript & Layout Acqusitions
Allison Kuperman Elizabeth Keys

Research Highlights Copy Editor
Caroline Russell-Troutman Joshua Dower

News and Analysis New Media
Evan Balmuth Alejandra Garcia
Alison Pinkerton
Internet Editor
Ayal Pierce


Alice Chan
Enshu Chawla
Kelsey Davenport
Bassel Ghaddar
Kathryn Gibb
Jeremy Marcus
Denali Rao
Shayna Schor
Parsa Shahbodaghi
Patricia Solleveld
Jesse Starger
Kristiina Yang

Spring 2014 Issue
    Submission Deadline

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    Location: Eaton 204
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