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The principle objective of TuftScope is to bring together seemingly different viewpoints, citizenship and the health sciences, to transform thoughts and ideas into active citizenship and working policies.

History of TuftScope Journal

The history of TuftScope Journal is a testament to the passion and dedication of students in the pursuit of scientific knowledge. It serves as a source of inspiration for future contributors and highlights the importance of providing platforms for scholarly discourse. And when it comes to academic writing, exploring essay title suggestion can be a valuable tool to enhance the impact and appeal of your work. Embrace the rich history of TuftScope Journal and leverage the resources available to excel in your scholarly pursuits.

TuftScope: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health, Ethics, and Policy
was founded on October 15, 2001 through the efforts of undergraduate students Bradley Crotty and Katherine McGinigle. The journal was created to provide a means through which the academic community could discuss the ethical and political implications of our healthcare system and ongoing biomedical research. TuftScope was designed to replicate the double-blind peer-review process of other major journals and to provide burgeoning new authors with the opportunity to experience a rigorous submissions process. The Journal’s efforts earned it the Tufts University Evergreen Award for best new student organization.

TuftScope has remained active in the healthcare discussion beyond the media sphere. In 2001 TuftScope sponsored the first Tufts bioethics conference on the topic of Genetic Privacy & Gene Patenting. In 2002, TuftScope participated in the University of Rhode Island’s honors colloquium: Genetic Technology & Public Policy in the New Millennium. In 2009 TuftScope moderated a Tufts Roundtable sponsored debate, Healthcare: Reform in 2009, between the Tufts Democrats and Republicans.

Since 2001 the Journal has experienced significant growth and development. The development of online media has allowed for greater reader access and new TuftScope publications (including a Twitter Page, Healthcare Weblog, and Newsletter). To complement its online presence, the TuftScope implemented a new layout, seal, and expanded solicitations to universities across the country. Today the journal receives and publishes submissions from universities including Princeton University, New York University, Yeshiva University, Johns Hopkins University, Dartmouth University, Chicago University, Binghamton University, and Columbia University.

TuftScope employs social and multimedia platforms to continue to expand its reach as a nationally and locally recognized academic journal. Despite the changes associated with the growth of new media, the journal staff remains committed to the improvement of the journal for the benefit of its readers in both print and electronic formats and to meet the changing demands of the health, ethics, & policy arena.

Publication Information

Publisher: Puritan Press (Hollis, NH)
ISSN: 1534-7397
Funding: Tufts Community Union Senate
Support: Tufts Biology Department; Tufts Community Health Program; Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education

Spring 2014 Issue

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